The fantastic match is ready to be held in just a few hours. Many leagues have already finished this year and some leagues are introducing back-to-back matches every day. Unlike, Norwegian League is one of the finest and popular leagues among football lovers, and today, the league is coming with one more match today. Today, team Odds Ball Klubb (OBK) and team Tromso IL (TIL) are ready to face off each other on the football ground and the fans have been waiting for this match for a very long time. In a single day, the league is introducing many matches and most of the people are excited about the match.

obk vs til


Through this article, we will provide you some important information about the match because the fans are waiting to watch this match but some are unaware of the important things. Like, where it will be played? when it will be started? and which team has more chances to get victory in this match? All the information will be given below but before that, let’s check out the arena and league. So, the match will be played at Skagerak Arena, Skien under the Norwegian League 2021. Along with this, more information has already mentioned below, you just need to scroll down and the information will appear in front of you.

OBK vs TIL:- Match Details

  • Team Names:- Odds Ball Klubb (OBK) vs Tromso IL (TIL)
  • League:- Norwegian League 2021
  • Venue:- Skagerak Arena, Skien
  • Date & Time:- Thursday, June 24, 2021, at 09:30 PM ISt

OBK vs TIL:- Team Squad

Odds Ball Klubb (OBK):- Gilli Rolantsson, Thomas Hallstensen, Filip Ronningen Jorgensen, Sondre Rossbach, Eirik Asante Gayi, Mushaga Bakenga, Leopold Wahlstedt, John Kitolano, Espen Ruud, Odin Bjortuft,  Kevin Egell-Johnsen, Kristoffer Larsen, Tobias Lauristen, Wallem, Markus Kaasa, Bjorn Maeland,  Sander Svendsen, Joshua Kitolano, Steffen Hagen, Syver Aas, Magnus Lekven, Kachi, Conrad, and Solomon Owusu.

Tromso IL (TIL):- Anders Jenssen, Isak Helstad Amundsen, August Mikkelsen, Magnus Andersen, Eric Kitolano, Runar Norheim, Tomas Totland, Niklas Vesterlund, Tobias Hafstad, Simon Thomas, Jacob Karlstrom, Mats Trige, Adam Arnarson, Jostein Gundersen, Isak Vik, Gustav Severinsen, Jesper Robertsen, Felix,  Joachim Rothmann, Simen Henriksen, Casper Oyvann, Winther, Kent-Are Antonson, Ruben Jenssen,  Lass Nilsen, Tomas Stabell, Mikael Ingebrigtsen, Daniel Bernsten, and Moses Ebiye.

OBK vs TIL:- Probable Lineups Player

Odds Ball Klubb (OBK):- Solomon Owusu, Conrad Wallem, Magnus Lekven, Markus Kaasa, John Kitolano, Odin Bjortfuft, Joshua Kitolano, Tobias Lauritsen, Sander Svenden, Filip Ronningsen Jorgensen, and Sondre Rossbach.

Tromso IL (TIL):- Eric Kitolano, August Mikkelsen, Ruben Jenssen, Jacob Karlstrom, Anders Janssen, Tomas Totland, Felix Winther, Kent-Are Antonsen, Moses Ebiye, Isak Helstad Amundsen, and Adam Arnarson.

OBK vs TIL:- Match Prediction

As we are waiting to watch this match and many matches of the league has already played and now, the fans are waiting to watch the next match. Along with this, it is important to know which team has more chances to win this match so, team OBK has played a total of 7 matches where they won 2 matches, faced 3 draws, and lost 2 matches and they are standing on the 7th position with 9 points.

On the other hand, team TIL is standing in the 11th position with 8 points. They have also played 8 matches, where they have won 2 matches, faced 2 draws, and lost 2 matches. As per their last matches, team OBK has more chances to win this match.


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