Obituary: Who was Kevin Mcdowell From Portland? Death Cause After Drowning In Columbia River: People are searching for this news, as this news is now getting viral on the internet. If you are wondering what we are talking about so don’t worry we will give detailed information on this news. A man whose name was Kevin Mcdowell died in portland as he drowned in the river of Columbia. He died in the river while saving the other person. People are now showing their sympathy for him and giving him tribute on their social media platforms. As he saved the life of the one who was stuck in the river but can’t save himself. We have gathered detailed information about him. So, let’s have a look. Follow More Updates On

Kevin Mcdowell

Who was Kevin Mcdowell?

He lived in Portland and he was a member of the PDX black excellence. He was a leader with passion, support & vision. Though his information is not available on the internet. He was just 35 years old and he was also a swimmer who jumped into the deep river to save the life of a lady. This shows that he had a helping nature but saving the other he lost his life. He was the hero who tried to save that lady. Though that lady is safe and she is also regretting the loss of him.

How Did Kevin Mcdowell Die?

He was just 35 years old and died on 28th June 2022. He was near the Columbia river and he saw a lady struggling in the river to save her life. He immediately jumped into the river to save her as he was the swimmer. The sheriff of Multnomah said that we haven’t found his body of him but he jumped in the river to save the women and in return, he lost his life. His family also registered his complaint at the police station after that they came to know that he is now passed away.

Kevin Mcdowell Death Cause

He was married and he lost his life now his wife and his children are alone. People want to help them, they have made a page to collect some money for them and which can help them to survive. Police are trying to find his dead body but for now, no statement has been released by them. His family of him is not in the condition to give any statement. They want private space to mourn him.


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