Obituary: Who was Helen Cross and what was her cause of death?: In the last week, Helen Cross, one of the most influential politicians in Australia died of some unrevealed reasons. The family members and friends have buried her the last week. There is no confirmation by the family members or friends of Helen Cross about the day when she died. However, there is news in the media circulation that the former MLA was buried the last week at a private ceremony organized by the family members. The family of Helen Cross only called all of Helen Cross’s friends to keep their privacy during the most sensitive moment of their lives. Last year, in the month of May, there had come news about the demise of the husband of Helen Cross, but the reason behind the sudden demise of Helen Cross was not revealed through any sources. Follow More Updates On

helen cross obituary

Who was Helen Cross?

Helen Cross was elected as the Liberal in the 5th Assembly from 2001 to 2004 for the seat of Molonglo, but she did not work the entire time and left the Liberal Party in the month of September 2002. Later, Helen Cross became an independent politician to fight in the 2004 ACT general election, but unfortunately, she lost the elections to protect her position.

In one of the interviews with Helen Cross, she mentioned that during her one-time assembly she was successful, and she passed four bills under her name. The Discrimination Amendment Bill 2002 was one of the bills that she passed. Helen Cross also passed the ban on smoking in public places in 2003.

How did Helen Cross die?

One of Helen Cross’s friends announced the sudden demise of Helen Cross through social media platforms that Helen Cross took her last breath at her home in Gungahlin in Australia. She was a woman who was larger-than-life. There are always times in everyone’s life when people feel they are not satisfied, and this is a usual thing that happens to everyone, but Helen Cross was the one who was seen to be most satisfied with everything that the god served her. This statement is made by Bill Stefaniak, who is the former Assembly colleague of Helen Cross. The friend of Helen Cross has not mentioned the reason for the sudden demise of Helen Cross.

Helen Cross Obituary

Helen Cross’s sudden demise has shocked all the admirers and fans of the most influential politician. Since the news of the politician’s demise has come out on all the social media platforms, there has been a flood of tributes to Helen Cross. All the admirers have posted a lot of photos and videos of Helen Cross through their social media platforms.


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