Obituary: How did Rapper Trouble die and what was his cause of death? : On Tuesday, 5 June, the American Rapper Trouble was murdered by a man at the Lake St. James apartment of Conyers in Rockdale County. The Rockdale County Police arrested the accused just after the incident. Follow More Updates On

Rapper Trouble

How did Rapper Trouble die?

On June 5, 2022, the rapper Trouble died after he got shot, while he was sleeping at one of his alleged friends’ home in Rockdale County at the Lake St. James apartment of Conyers. He was taken to the nearest hospital, but Rapper Trouble had died while on the way to the hospital.

Police Action over the murder of the rapper?

Rockdale County Police was informed of the sudden action with Rapper Trouble. According to the police, Rapper Trouble had visited his female friend’s house to meet her, and they are still investigating the entire matter with proper proof.

Who is the accused?

Jamichael Jones is the main accused in this matter, who has been arrested by the police. Jones claims to be the ex-boyfriend of the girl that Rapper Trouble had gone to meet. He told the police, that when Jamichael Jones reached the girl’s house, he saw Rapper Trouble sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, which made him shoot the rapper. Jamichael Jones is punished with the charges of breaking the law by murdering someone and creating violence at the scene.

Who was Rapper Trouble?

Rapper Trouble was born on the 4th of November in 1987. Rapper Trouble is the stage name of Mariel Semonte Orr, he was a professional American rapper from the United States of America. The rapper started to rap at the age of 14 only. Trouble released his debut rap in April 2011, this rap was featured among the 25 best mixtapes of 2011, on Complex.

Trouble had also worked with the XXL magazine for the “15 Atlants Rapper You Should Know.” Later in 2015, Rapper Trouble appeared in the album of Lupe Fiasco’ in Tetsuo & Youth, there were some other musicians and actors too who appeared in the album. Rapper Trouble worked on more than 10 albums and was assigned the record deal of Mike Will Made.

Rapper Trouble’s girlfriend’s statement

The girlfriend of the Rapper Trouble, Alexis Shalae has shared her statement through her social media post. Alexis Shalae’s statement writes that the rapper had visited the wrong place at the wrong time, and she would never be angry with him for what had happened. There is something that makes Alexis Shalae sad is that Rapper Trouble died in the incident, and he would never be back.

She is hurt by the sudden demise of the rapper. They had very strong chemistry, that no one is ever going to understand, and they never even cared to say anything about that, but everything Rapper Trouble and his girlfriend did was worth working for. Alexis said in the statement, that each time that she had spent with Rapper Trouble was the best moment of her life.


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