Why was Obie Trice Arrested? Rapper Being Held in a Michigan Jail: This article is going to be about the rapper that been allegedly arrested for threatening his ex-GF. The name of the rapper is Obie Trice and the police stated that they arrested the rapper in Michigan. They said that Obie has threatened the girl and also said that he would harm her family as well. The rapper was said to have an engagement this Thursday in West Bloomfield as he was seen to be using a phone to harass someone…as stated by the Oakland County Sheriff’s office. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Rapper Obie Trice arrested

Rapper Obie Trice Arrested

Curt Lawson, the deputy chief at the Police Department of West Bloomfield said that the rapper was dating a woman and after they had broken up, the rapper started sending messages to threaten her and also threatened some of the people that were in her family.

Obie had also been to the house of his ex many times without any invitations and the cops had even told him to stop after it was informed to them. But, the rapper didn’t listen and went on with his threats, which made the police issue a misdemeanor warrant which led to his arrest on Thursday. He is currently being held and had a $10,000 bond issued to him.

Who is Obie Trice?

Obie was born on 14 November 1977 and is an American rapper. He had been signed to a rapper from Detroit that is called Eminem’s shady records, in 2002. He also found his own record label which is known as Black Market Entertainment. It was after he left shady’s records. Unlike other rappers, he didn’t use a rap name and instead used his own name on stage.

While he was in Shady records in 2000, he created a skit that was a freestyle skit on the album D12 called Devil’s Night which followed the intro snippet in The Eminem’s Show lead single “Without Me”. Later, he rapped on the songs for 8 Mile as well.

Why was Obie Trice Arrested?

His debut album “Cheers” was released on 23 September 2003, which had his first single “Got Some Teeth”. The single was very well received and got the attention of many avid listeners. The song was also ranked at #54 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also was on top charts in the UK.

Obie had left Shady record after having issues related to the promotion and said that he was not promoted properly. The public had started believing that this had led to conflict between him and Eminem but that was not the case. It was only a misunderstanding. We will update you if there is more information on his arrest as soon as possible. So, stay tuned till then.


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