According to the latest updates from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an 18-years-old gunman name Salvador Ramos bought an AR-15-style rifle to carry out a shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde and was also a part of an ammunition smuggling case that involves the Mexican drug cartel before. As per the sources, a businessman from Uvalde’s neighboring town of Eagle Pass tried to smuggle over 10K rounds of ammo into Mexico in 2009. It was purchased at Oasis Outback LLC in Uvalde, which is one of the popular gun shops where Salvador Ramos got one of the rifles found inside Robb Elementary School.

Who Owns Oasis Outback

According to the sources, a 48-years-old businessman named Fred Farhat paid about $6,000 cash for over 10,000 pounds of .223 and 5.56 x 45 mm ammo in three separate transactions in the gap of three hours from Oasis Outback. Well, Fred Farhat was the owner of the Farhat’s Boots and Jeans. Davy Aguilera, who is a retired agent with the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms told San Antonio Express News,” That’s very significant, and it’s close to the border, so you know where it’s going. It’s going to a bad guy to sell, transport or to use it. The general public is not going to buy that much”.

Salvador Ramos Bought Rifle From Store

Well, the Oasis Outback doesn’t have a requirement to track or report the purchase of the bullets and therefore, the company didn’t break the law with the sale. Fred bought the ammo to his business and repacked it, after buying them by taking help of two co-conspirators. When trying to carry the ammo across the border into Mexico, Fred Farhat and his associates crashed with another vehicle. Reportedly, the ammunition was destined for the Mexican drug cartel.

According to the reports, Farhat and his wife were being caught by authorities. Fred’s wife was sentenced to 30 months of federal prison while Fred Farhat was sentenced to five years in jail. Let us tell you something about the Oasis Outback which is located in Uvalde and is part of the Sporting Goods, Hobby and Musical instrument Store Industry. These groups are mainly involved in retailing new sports goods, toys and games, and musical instruments among others.

Who Owns Oasis Outback?

Well, Oasis Outback was the store for an assault rifle from where Ramos bought it online from a gun dealer in Georgia. It means before the sales are made, Uvalde must have collected the information from the person and also completed their background check before handing the gun to him.


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