Russian Basketball League is a well-known league around the world and for a very long time, the league has been introducing some amazing matches to the fans. Well, the hype of the league is too popular that everyone wants to watch a single basketball match of the league. The matches of the league stream on the screen and as well as you can watch these matches live on the basketball court. Let us tell you that tonight, one more match of the league is ready to take place and it is interesting to watch that the league is introducing some back-to-back matches for the fans.

Russian Basketball league


Today, the league will introduce one more match of the league and we will get to see team Nizhny Novgorod (NZN) and team Parma Perm (PAM) will face off each other on the basketball court once again. Fans are too excited to watch this match because the league has some of the best teams who is playing amazing games since the league has started. There are 12 teams in the league and most of the teams have played 4 matches. Now, team NZN will play their 5th match and team PAM will play their 4th match of the league. So, are you ready for the upcoming match tonight?

NZN vs PAM: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Nizhny Novgorod (NZN) vs Parma Perm (PAM)
  • League:- Russian Basketball League 2021-22
  • Venue:- Nagorny Arena (Nizhny Novgorod)
  • Date:- Monday, November 08, 2021
  • Time:- 09:30 PM IST

NZN vs PAM: Team Squad

Nizhny Novgorod (NZN):- Pavel Antipov, Egor Sytnikov, Sergey Toropov, Alexander Chadov, Mikhail Kulagin, Ilya Platonov, Ivan Strebkov, Anton Kardanakhishvili, Nikola Jovanovic, Maksim Lichutin, Aleksandr Gankevich, Evgeny Baburin, Anton Astapkovich, and Rolands Freimanis.

Parma Perm (PAM):- Artisiom Parakhouski, Jeremia Hill, Artem Zabelin, Konstantin Bulanov, Adas Juskevicius, Aleksandr Kurov, Nikolai Zhmako, Gleb Sheiko, Mareks Mejeris, Evgeny Voronov, Eigirdas Zukauskas, Aleksandr Platunov, and Marcel Ponitka.

NZN vs PAM: Team Squad

Nizhny Novgorod (NZN):- Rolands Freimanis, Aleksandr Gankevich, Anton Astapkovich, Ilya Platonov, Ivan Strebkov, Mikhail Kulagin, and Evgeny Baburin.

Parma Perm (PAM):- Nikolai Zhmako, Marcel Ponitka, Eigirdas Zukauskas, Adas Juskevicius, Artisiom Parakhouski, and Mareks Mejeris.

NZN vs PAM: Match Prediction

The match is about to start in just a few hours and it will be interesting to watch this match. As per the sources, fans are also searching for the match prediction and the experts are believing that the competition is going to be tougher. Team NZN is standing on the 6th spot with 4 matches where they won 2 matches and lost 2 matches.

On the other side, team PAM is standing on the 9th spot with 3 matches where they just won a single match and lost 2 matches. As per the expert advice, team NZN has better chances to win this upcoming match.


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