NYC: Who Is Sam Waisbren? Viral Elevator Video On Twitter and Reddit: A video has been getting viral on Reddit after a man from New York has been alleged to have died due to an elevator. The man is said to be called Sam Waisbren who has been living in New York and his death has caused quite an uproar on the internet. Follow More Updates On

sam waisbren

Sam Waisbren Viral Elevator Video

In the video, it can be seen that Sam was crushed by an elevator in the apartment building where he used to live, which is in Kips Bay, New York. This video that has been getting viral after his death has gotten him popular. The accident had happened a few years back in 2019 and yet his name remains. Sam could not get out of his apartment as he was stuck between the elevator and the wall shaft and ultimately what happened is known and can be seen in the video as well.

sam waisbren

The elevator crash had crushed his body pretty badly and his backbone was also badly injured. This is quite obvious as the force of a falling elevator is no joke and can make you flat in no time. It was reported that he died of mechanical asphyxia and the sheer force of the falling elevator had dissolved the wound onto his neck and body, which implies that he was hardly able to breathe. All of these injuries made Sam lose his life on the spot. This incident also became a topic of discussion on the big platform, Reddit.

Who Is Sam Waisbren?

Sam was just 30 years old when the elevator incident happened and he lost his life in an unexpected manner. His full name was Samuel Waisbren, but, he was called Sam by the people who used to know him such as his family and friends.

After Sam passed away, a fundraiser was planned for him. According to the sources, the account of the fundraiser described that father had established a basketball team of young boys in a neighborhood where people were not well-off financially. The area was called Milwaukee and they were using the Northcott Community Center as their home base. At that time, Sam was said to be only nine years old.

The result of those actions was that the basketball team which included Sam as well started to participate in weekly tournaments that were held in various areas in Wisconsin. They even went on to win the AAU state championship that happened in 2003. This made the children develop a deep and understanding relationship among themselves. This relationship developed over time and got even better.


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