Denmark Handball League is coming back with another match tonight and maybe, the match is going to start in just a few hours. Most of the watchers are eagerly waiting to watch this match on the handball court and once again, the league is all set to entertain the audience tonight. According to the schedule of the league, team Nordsjaelland (NRJ) and team Bjerringbro/Silkeborg (BSH) will come face to each other on the battleground. In this article, we are going to share all the details of the match as fans are searching for all the details here.

NRJ vs BSH Live Score

With this, many fans want to create their own teams and want to know that who will be the best players to pick for today’s match, and maybe, this match is going to be on another level like never before. Here are lots of things to watch in the upcoming match especially the gameplay of the teams. Their last few matches were not enough good as the players are expecting that they could win this match. It will be seen when the competition will reach on the high. Keep reading to know more updates of the match here.

NRJ vs BSH: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Nordsjaelland (NRJ) vs Bjerringbro/Silkeborg (BSH)
  • League:- Denmark Handball League
  • Venue:- Ceres Park
  • Date:- Tuesday, March 08, 2022
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

NRJ vs BSH: Team Squad

Nordsjaelland (NRJ):- Rasmus Madsboll, Malthe Vibe, Matias Campbell, Kasper Kisum, Jesper Dahl, Nichlas Hald, Carl-Emil Haunstrup, Tobias Jorgensen, Andreas Dysseholm, Thomas Kjaergaard, Magnus Kronborg, Andreas Magaard, Frederik Andersson, Hakan Sahin, Mikkel Palmer, Jeppe Cieslak, and Jimmi Andersen.

Bjerringbro/Silkeborg (BSH):- Alexander Lynggaard, Nikolaj Oris Nielsen, Jeppe Gade Nielsen, Ludvig Hallback, William Bogojevic, Mads Kjeldgaard Andersen, Aksel Horgen, Sebastian Skott, Laurenz Kluth, Jakob Arenth Lassen, Mikkel Moller Lovkvist, Johan Sjostrand, Henrik Tilsted, Patrick Boldsen, Sasser Sonn, and Rene Hansen.

NRJ vs BSH:- Lineups Player

Nordsjaelland (NRJ):- Nichlas Hald, Rasmus Madsboll, Malthe Vibe, Matias Campbell, Andreas Dysseholm, Thomas Kjaergaard, and Carl-Emil Haunstrup.

Bjerringbro/Silkeborg (BSH):- Ludvig Hallback, Mikkel Moller Lovkvist, Johan Sjostrand, William Bogojevic, Mads Kjeldgaard Andersen, and Sasser Sonn.

NRJ vs BSH:- Match Prediction

If you are one of them who is willing to know which team has more chances to win this match so, you need to read this paragraph. According to the table point, team BSH is at the 5th spot with 13 victories and lost 9 matches out of 23 matches. On the other side, team NRJ is at 12th spot with 22 matches where the team won 4 matches and lost 13 matches. According to the updates, team BSH has more chances to win this match tonight.


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