Now Enjoy Google’s Dark Mode: Here Is How To Access It

Dark Mode of Gmail and Play store is available for Andriod 10 Users.

Gmail Dark Mode, Google Dark Mode,
Image Source: Android Police

After the release of Android 10, Google now released its Dark Mode for Gmail. The latest version 2019.08.18.267044774 of the Gmail app is now available on the play store. Google said that they will update their all apps with dark themes on Andriod 10 but after one week, this update comes but only for two apps- Gmail and Play store. Google app is now showing the dark theme toggle and spotted a dark theme on the Play store as well. The Andriod 10 which was released by Google a few days ago, comes with a complete packet. It boosts your mobile phone performance and will give you fast streaming.

How to access Gmail Dark Theme:

Pixel users with Andriod need to download the latest version of Gmail. To access dark mode-

  • Go to settings.
  • then select the Theme option.
  • Choose between light, dark and system default theme.

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The Dark theme shows a grey background which is looking similar to black and navigation bar. Here is the screenshot of the new look posted by the website.

Gmail dark mode on Andriod 10, Andriod 10
Image Source: Droid Life

In this, it is clearly visible that the background is dark and the search bar is a little lighter in color so that it can be easily visible. colors in the dark mode, you can see labels, inbox and other sections in different colors. In mail composition, the dark mode is seen by the dark background with the white text in it and sends arrows and URL sections are in a different color to mark them visible.

It is assumed that it is the start of a big update. Google will bring massive upgrades in the apps and Andriod 10 and hence it tested with the Dark Mode of the apps. Many changes brought by this Andriod 9. Changes in the display, gamespace, system, everything. get updated. These changes are not now available on everyone’s phone. It is available only for Andriod 10 Users. As the report said by 9to5 Google that dark mode on Gmail is a part of the server-side update.



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