Apart from the Corona’s strike, there was only one such man who created the panic in the world, the North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un. Now that he has finally shown his face to the world, all eyes are again directed on him. There has been a lot of speculation about the health of Kim Jong Un in the past month. Meanwhile, on Friday, Kim Jong is seen publicly for the first time unveiling a fertilizer factory which was reported by news agency KCNA reported on Saturday.

According to the news, Kim appeared on Friday at an event in Sunchon, near the capital Pyongyang. After not appearing in public for nearly 20 days. Kim Jong, the ruler of North Korea, was seen attending the inauguration of the factory on May 1, it is being claimed that this fertilizer plant may be linked to the country’s nuclear ambitions. A media report quoting researcher Margaret Crowe, who is aware of nuclear programs in East Asia, said that the North Korean fertilizer plant inaugurated by Kim Jong, could help them with the nuclear program. This plant can extract uranium from phosphoric acid.

Earlier, many claims were being made in the international media about his health. Now NK News quoted that the medical experts claim that the scars in Kim’s body is the sign that Kim has surely gone through heart surgery, if not anything else. Earlier, when Kim Jong did not attend his grandfather’s birthday celebrations on April 15, various types of news were pouring out about his health. One is that he has gone through a cardiovascular procedure that went wrong and he is in a coma which other reports suggested that he is dead.

BBC Seoul Correspondent Laura Bicker says we have to be cautious when reporting on North Korea because the news here is mostly based on sources. Any information based on rumors about Kim Jong is going to cause a sensation. In a state system that maintains secrecy at this level, extracting facts and sources is a challenging task. Especially at a time when the whole world is going through a lockdown because of Corona.

However, this is not the first time Kim Jong Un disappeared. In the year 2014, he went missing for 40 days since early September, after which many rumors arose. There was also a rumor among them that he was removed from power after his rebel.


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