There is another sexual offense that surfaced on the internet in which popular Lagos pastor, Timilehin Adigun come to the fore as an accused. Yes, another Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode has alleged the actor had sexual intercourse with her sister.

Juliana Olayode Alleged Lagos Pastor

This is the second time in two years that the head pastor of The Ark Church and the coordinator of the MINE Teenage Ministry will be called out for apparent sexual connections with teenage girls as part of his ministry. He is also the editor of MINE magazine – a free Christian teen publication that encourages genital purity.

Juliana Olayode Alleged Lagos Pastor

Not only this, but Mr. Adigun who is 37 years old also faced accusations of the same allegations in which he did this worsened activities with teenage girls who working under his mentorship. In his apology, he proved that he had been “inappropriately” with some of the female fellows over the years.

Talking about these fresh allegations, Timilehin Adigun has gained lots of attention from the audience because of doing intimate sequences with a sister of a very famous actress. Along with it, many people start talking about the pastor who did all these things but there is no official statement of confirmation on these allegations has arrived yet.

Let us also tell you that the actress said “You never cease to amaze me. I honestly don’t want to say much, but you are making me do this. You promised not to touch that girl, and you said I’m talking down on you because I asked you not to touch my sister.

You said I was talking to you because I knew about your struggle. You called her from school to your hotel, sending her your nudes and begging her for anal s*x. How will I not be angry?” The actress, who newly had a split with the pastor, said she was devoted to him despite understanding the “weakness” and “struggle”.

There are numerous people who took to social media and express their expressions after knowing about this incident that happened to a girl. We are trying to cover the entire situation of this matter but we have to search in-depth and we will update all the information on the same page.

Currently, Lagos pastor, Timilehin Adigun facing allegations of sexual offense with a girl who is the sister of famous actor Juliana Olayode. We will update our page with fresh details when we get any updates on the same topic. You just need to stay connected with us.


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