One of the most interesting rumors about the Nokia G20 is going on and many people all over the country are searching for it. The rumors of the launch of the smartphone have been going on for a very long time. Let us tell you that the company launched the product without paying any attention to its promotion and launch the smartphone silently. Yes, the product is listed on Amazon and the users will get accurate details related to the price and the available date of the smartphone. This time, the company will be going to offer a very decent amount of price for its next-generation smartphone.

nokia g20 price in indai

Nokia G20 Price in India

Not only this but HMD and Amazon have not said anything about the launch of the smartphone. Let us also tell you that, HMD held its biggest event so far in April in which HMD launch six smartphones. All the smartphones are important for the Finnish company. All the smartphones bring a new identity to the lineup of Nokia’s smartphones. As all of us know that the company gives only numbers but this time, the company comes with letters as well. Everyone who witnesses the biggest event of HMD knows about the smartphones that they launch in the event.

On the other hand, if we talk about the names of the smartphones then six phones including Nokia X20, Nokia X10, Nokia G20, Nokia G10, Nokia C20, and the Nokia C10. Not only this but the X-series smartphones are for 5G phones while others are just for 4G. If we talk about the specifications of the Nokia G20 then the base variant of the smartphone comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

Nokia G20 Specification Features

Let us also tell you that the company also offering a variant of 128GB of storage but it is not confirmed that the company will give it on the first sale or not.

The date when the Nokia G20 will go on sale is scheduled for 7th July 2021. The smartphone will be available on Amazon India and Nokia’s online store. On the other hand, the smartphone will be coming with a MediaTek Helio G35 processor that encourages the users to purchase the brand new smartphone. The battery backup of the smartphone comes with a 5050mAh battery with 10W fast charging. It runs on Android 11.

Now, it is cleared that the smartphone is much-anticipated and millions of users are eager to purchase the brand new smartphone. Nokia G20 will be available for sale on Amazon India and Nokia’s online store on 7th July 2021.


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