Another wireless neckband has been launched by Noise on 19th May. This product is exclusively available on the Amazon website so the users can easily place their order for Noise Flair Wireless earphones. The launch price of the earphones was 3,999, but now you can purchase them with an offer price of Rs. 1799/-. There are four color options Green, Grey, Blue, and Black. The Noise Flair works in a range of 10m easily where you can easily listen to the music and communicate without interruption. The Bluetooth connectivity is also sharp that it will be connected to your device in fractions of seconds. It also supports the dual pairing that can be easily connected to your mobile and your laptop.

Noise Flair Launched in India

If you are streaming anything on your laptop so this will be very comfortable while using these brand new Noise Flairs. These earphones will have a dual microphone that will help with call noise cancellation. As most of the earphones are lacking in the feature of noise cancellation, but these earphones will fulfill your expectations completely. The wireless device is also after and sweat resistance so whether you are running or doing the workout in the gym, you don’t need to worry about it. The weight of Noise Flair is 37g, which will be comfortable to use for hours as it is lightweight.

The key features of these earphones that none other company is providing are its touch control with remote and mic. This feature will allow you to receive calls with a button on the neckband and also disconnect the call from the same button. If you are listing music you can jump to the next song with just one click without using your mobile. The band will vibrate on the call alert when you are not carrying your pone and answer the call from your band. It will also control the volume while listening to the music.

The all-new feature which is launched in Noise Flair is swifcaller technology which makes the user attend calls conveniently. It can also command your handset AI such as Google Assistant and Siri to manage your calls and music. The earbuds have a magnetic control so when you are not using earphones, they can save the battery. The Noise Flair will have up to 35 hours of playback. You need to charge it for 8-minutes and it will offer the playback of 8-hours. You can grab the offer on the Amazon website. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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