Noah Beck is an American Tik Tok Star, who born on May 4, 2001. He is 19 years old, who raised in Arizona, United States. He is mostly known for his comedic videos, sport videos, and lifestyle videos on his social media handle. Noah Beck attends the University of Portland as a soccer recruit before he becomes a social media star with more than Seven Million followers. Recently, Noah beck’s Photoshoot for Calvin Klein boxers got leaked on his social media handle. His Photos are trending within a few hours. The big storm comes on the social media of different reactions of people.Noah Beck'

Noah Beck starts dating Tik Tok star, Dixie D’Amelio in 2020 who is the sister of the famous Tik Tok star Charlie D’Amelio. In starting, They both assured their fans that they are just good friends. But the rumour has been created about them. After many months of the rumours about their relationship, Noah went public about their relationship. October 2020, he admitted that he is in relationship with Dixie. In an interview, Noah tells that after the separation Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson. He starts getting close to Dixie. In a music video named “Be Happy Remix”, they shared a romantic kiss.

The Tik Tok star Noah doesn’t reside in Sway house. According to his appearance on some show, he revealed that he lives with his BFFs Bryce Hall and Blake Gray. As per the recent sources, Noah Beck has more than 18.1 million followers on Tik Tok, 6 million followers on Instagram, Subscribers on Youtube are 671k. His Twitter account is not official. He has millions of followers also on his Instagram account. His account features fashion, modeling, lifestyle, sports, and fitness content. He is a member of Sway house.

Recently, the Internet star’s bold photoshoot surprised his fans. Noah’s fans have been divided into two parts, One group appreciates his content which he uploads on his Twitter handle and some of them are not happy with his content. The photoshoot of Noah was very bold, hot, and a little bit saucy as well. Some fans are saying that he almost discloses himself. His followers are shared their opinion in the form of unique memes and some hilarious statements. Noah Beck looks shocked and scared to see the response of his fans on his bold content which he shared on his social media handle.


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