Again one of the most talented content creators has come into the trend for the past few weeks. Over the past few weeks, a TikTok creator named ‘Nnapples’ aka Natalie Rose has been going viral on the platform as her 2 million followers are guessing her job. She is coming into a trend, not for her dance moves or lip-syncing videos but her followers guessing for her job. Many searches on the internet make her viral and everyone who knows about the trend and her are just searching what job she is doing apart from her TikTok career. So, we are providing here all the information that helps you to meet with correct details.

Natalie Rose is 25 years old TikTok star who has more than 2 million followers on her account

Natalie Rose is 25 years old TikTok star who has more than 2 million followers on her account. Everyone guessing what job she is doing in her personal life just after the video clarifies that she is not a professional nurse went viral in July 2021. All the followers of Natalie constantly searching for the job that she does in her life. Earlier this year, one of the TikTok videos of her in which she wears scrubs went viral and collect such a great response from the audience.

Along with it, the video also garnered some comments in which some people said that “Remember when you are a nurse you are supposed to be taking care of people instead of making TikToks”. After reading these comments, Natalie clapped back in a savage fashion and create another video in which she cleared that she isn’t a nurse. Her video again went viral and garnered 20 million views and since then the users start guessing her job. Now, all the people who see this trend start guessing what job she is doing right now except creating TikTok videos. Let us tell you that Nnapples is a Portland-area resident.

She joined TikTok in March 2020 because of the pandemic. Because of the COVID-19, her local community theatre production in Utah was shut down in which she playing the roles in the drama. So, she is only creating TikTok videos through which she actually getting very genuine support. She recently collaborated with the small baseball team Hillsboro Hops for a video. Which has been viewed more than 6 million times so far. Everyone knows the name and many people continuously searching for her. Nnapples or Natalie Rose is a content creator who created her career in TikTok by making some outstanding videos.


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