In recent days, the Denmark Handball League has come introducing some back-to-back matches for the fans. This time, the league is not going to stop its matches among the fans and it will be fantastic to watch all the upcoming matches.

NKF-W vs ARH-W Live Score

Tonight, we will get to see two amazing teams on the handball court where they will play their next match. According to the sources, team Nykobing Falster HK Women (NKF-W) and team Aarhus United Women (ARH-W) will play their next match.

NKF-W vs ARH-W Live Score

In this article, we will share all the important details of the upcoming match. Many fans are searching for important information to watch this match on the ground. Watchers need to buy the tickets of the match that will be available on the official website of the league. Fans can also create their own team on Dream11 Prediction where the selected player will help to win money.

As per the reports, Johanna Westberg, Sofie Olsen Olsen, and Sofie Flader are going to become a part of this match and their wonderful gameplay will attract lots of fans. Now, the match is about to begin in just a few hours and if you are willing to watch this match, here are some important details.

NKF-W vs ARH-W: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Nykobing Falster HK Women (NKF-W) vs Aarhus United Women (ARH-W)
  • League:- Denmark Handball League
  • Venue:- Lanlet Arena
  • Date:- Sunday, February 13, 2022
  • Time:- 10:30 PM IST

NKF-W vs ARH-W: Team Squad

Nykobing Falster HK Women (NKF-W):- Annika Frioheim, Louise Egestorp, Cecillie Greve, Elma Halillcevic, Sofie Alnor, Charlotte Lund Mikkelsen, Sofie Olsen, Johanna Forsberg, Nikita van der Vliet, Johanna Westberg, Emilie Steffensen, Sofie Flader, Lykke Frank Hansen, Jo Nielsen, Amalie Wulff, Mia Svele, Kristina Kristiansen, Alberte Kuelstrup Madsen, and Celine Lundbye Krisiansen.

Aarhus United Women (ARH-W):- Emilie Holst Firgaard, Nora Persson, Louise Bak Jensen, Sophia Snogdal, June Bottger, Frederikke Hedegaard, Stine Holm, Katarina Viktoria Bjornskau Berens, Celine Holst Elkjaer, Julie Liholt, Thea Stankiewicz, Emma Mogensen, Line Berggren, Marielle Martinsen, Mathilde Neesgaard, and Line Ellersten.

NKF-W vs ARH-W: Lineups Players

Nykobing Falster HK Women (NKF-W):- Louise Egestorp, Cecillie Greve, Johanna Forsberg, Nikita van der Vliet, Sofie Flader, and Lykke Frank Hansen.

Aarhus United Women (ARH-W):- Nora Persson, Frederikke Hedegaard, Stine Holm, Emma Mogensen, Line Berggren, and Louise Bak Jensen.

NKF-W vs ARH-W: Match Prediction

There are 14 teams in this league who have been playing every match. Team NKF-W is standing at the 6th spot with 19 matches in which they won 10 matches and lost 8 matches.

On the other side, team ARH-W is standing on the 10th spot with 18 matches where they won just 6 matches and lost 11 matches. According to the performances in the last few matches, team NKF-W has more chances to win this match.


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