Recently a piece of shocking news is coming in ahead of the people from the (Aam Aadmi Party) AAP Government, which nobody had any idea, that’s why everyone seems to be surprised. Yes, you heard correct, earlier today EX APP councilor Nisha Singh has been shown responsible and sentenced to 7 years behind the bars for inciting brutality regarding the HUDA anti-encroachment drive in 2015. As soon as this news is being circulated on social networking sites, many reactions are coming from everyone. Especially from you party fans, then below you can find comprehensive details with some shocking facts.

who is nisha singh

According to the reports and sources, Since 2015 Nisha Singh has been the subject of tremendous discussion among all, as she has done the worst. That’s why there were many ups and downs but finally, the result has come out. But still, some are not acquainted with the incident due to which, the issue was initiated, and therefore, heavy searches are spotted on her name as no one would like to be ignorant of any crucial piece of vital information.

Who Is Nisha Singh?

Reportedly, there was no doubt that this is a severe lapse on the part of the accused to injure public officers. This is the reason that for a long time this matter kept raging and as soon as the result came in front of everyone, their very deep reaction came to the fore. But besides all these, the statement of Nisha Singh is fetching immense interest because almost all are looking ahead to make themselves familiar with her a bit deeper along with the issue. Only a few pieces have come to light through the authority concerned so no one knows the full story of the incident. 

Amidst all these, many tweets are being shared by the users on Twitter as well, where they are saying that.” AAP leaders and former councilor Nisha Singh were sentenced to around 7 years imprisonment for rioting, and therefore, very soon AAP will say that they are not connected with her”.

This is what’s shared by one of those Twitter users, who are valuing the decision of the court while blessing her with 7 years imprisonment. So here we have provided everything that is sourced from other sources, and hence, we will definitely share it with you. 


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