Suddenly, a piece of heart-breaking news hitting the internet that Former Indian women volleyball team captain Nirmal Kaur died due to COVID-19 complications. She last breathed at a Mohali hospital and she has contracted the virus last month. Along with the title of Indian Women Volleyball Team Captian, Nirmal Kaur also very famous as the wife of sprint legend Milkha Singh. They both are very popular sportspersons who did extremely well and brilliant for the country. The spirit between the two stalwarts was exceptionally high when they were representing India in their prospective field. Now, the legend Milkha Singh will have to live his life alone because his better half is no more alive.

milkha singh wife dies

Nirmal Kaur Passes Away

Nirmal Kaur was 85 and is survived by his husband, one son, and three daughters. Now, the family going through a very tough time which is actually breaking the hearts of every person in the family to spend every second without a very strong pillar of the family.

If we talk about the full name of the personality then her full name is Nirmal Kaur Saini. She was born in Sheikhupura, Punjab (now part of Pakistan) on 10th October 1938. In her career, she collects lots of love and appreciation from admirers all over the world.

She was graduated with a master’s degree in Political Science in 1958 from Punjab University. After she stepping into sports then she becomes the Director of Sports for Women in the State Department. On 13th June 2021, she took her long sleep of peace at the age of 82 in Monali, India. After that, Nirmal Kaur married the “Flying Sikh” Milkha Singh. Also, she was the mother of famous golf player Jeev Milkha Singh.

Milkha Singh Wife Dies

Let us tell you that the couple was admitted to the hospital PGIMER in Chandigarh. Also, Milkha Singh could not attend the cremation as he is also admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of PGIMER.

Nirmal Kaur was not able to overcome the disease but Milkha Singh’s condition is stable now and he is improving day by day. The family spokesperson said, “The family has expressed its thanks to everyone for their solidarity and prayers right through the battle, which gave them the strength to face it bravely”.

The first announcement of the demise of Nirmal Kaur has announced by the spokesperson of the Milkha family. Mrs. Nirmal Milkha Singh passed away after a valiant battle against Covid at 4 pm today. Our deep condolences to her family and especially for sprint legend Milkha Singh.


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