The recently released drama series is getting huge popularity through its twist-filled story which is the main reason behind its rising popularity. It is a Hindi language tv serial telecast on Colors Tv. But you can watch the episodes on Voot also. The serial was premiered on August 23, 2021. It was replaced the previous serial Namak Issk Ka. In this serial, you can see Surabhi Das as the titular character and Akshay Kelkar as the male lead.

Nima Denzongpa 7th October 2021

In the upcoming episode, you will see Tulika bringing the food for Varun. He is looking so upset and Tulika trie to talk to him that what happen to him and why he is so upset. Tulika reveals in front of Varun that your father was so angry that money and I had to protect you at that moment. He was angry and shouting because I played the game.

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Because of the anger, he rejected his wife and daughter also. At the same time, I just want to find the solution to protect Nima. Suddenly I got the idea that I can act like that burning myself so your father would leave Nima. Fortunately, the place became successful and he leave Nima after this.

While on the net side you will see Suman’s family will meet Mitali’s family. The moment becomes special when they decide about the marriage of Mitali and Paras. They have finalized that they will initiate the marriage of their children. Just moments later Mitali’s father say that I want to initiate the Engagement event very soon. I want to see Mitali getting engaged with Paras very soon. Suman says I also want the same and let’s call Pandit Ji to decide a Shubh Mahurat for engagement.

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Nima sits with her daughter and she tarts talking and eating dinner. When all the family members eating dinner then Mania says that today have you all noticed that Tulika behaves very weirdly. Nima says don’t say the next bad word for her. She did all the things because she wanted to save me. To know the further details you have to watch the show on Colors Tv. You can watch it online also on Voot which is an OTT platform.


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