There is a brilliant story that will make you excited and you will see such massive entertainment. The serial is getting such a massive twist in the story and here we going to tell you about the story and what will be the next story of this serial.

Nima Denzongpa 3rd November 2021

Currently, as per the details, there are many things which is ready to make this serial interesting and you will enjoy the twist in the upcoming episodes. Here is the complete information that you should know about the upcoming episode.

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In this upcoming episode, you will see Nima will become so much tense and the tension is easily seen on her face. She recalls how she said she wants to leave work and  Maaji told her that if she leaves then they won’t taker her back.

Sia calls her Nima. Nima standing at the place and feels happy. Sia says i am happy Sia says Shiv’s sister called me to her house, can i go?

As per the promo video, you will see Suresh is driving the car. He is driving his boss’s car and sees Neema at the bus stop. Suresh tells his boss that I left the job. He stops the car in the middle of the way and asks Nima to sit in teh car and come with him. He says to him that I will drop you home and tell you something also. Nima Sits in the car with him.

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She asks what is it? Suresh is driving the car and he continuously looks at the Nima. Nima says what is it and why are you looking continuously to me?

As we saw the promo video so we want to tell you that when Nima asks him that why he is looking at her then Suresh replies I can’t see you in this tense mode and please avoid to getting tense especially when I am with you. She says I never get tense on any normal thing but now I am getting tense because if Tullika finds out that we are working at the same place then she will definitely create a scene and there will appear a big mess in the life of everyone. For further new stay tunes to uptobrain and we will provide you all the related updates.


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