The popular ColorsTV serial is on its hype since the serial has begun and fans are going crazy to watch this amazing serial. It has been entertaining lots of watchers and the fans are also showing their interest in the serial because of its interesting story and concept. Every single episode is revealing several things and maybe, this is a reason of the hype of the serial.

Nima Denzongpa 19th November 2021

Now, fans are waiting to know that what will happen in the upcoming episode? Along with this, everyone knows that before telecasting the latest episode, the makers release the promo videos of the episode that shares some glimpse of the show.

Well, the promo videos of the show is revealing that what will be seen in the upcoming episode? So, the latest episode starts when Nima tells Mania that Sia doesn’t want to see his face and Mania asks what’s wrong with her? If she wants some space from her, he can give her.

Along with this, Suresh tells to Sia that Nima is not coming here and she gets worried about her. Sia says that she has her own rules and will follow them. Suresh says to her that Nima loves her a lot and you should think that why she doesn’t want to trust anybody.

Sia says that she always kept away from the world of Love. She doesn’t want to break our hearts but still, she is not understanding that she is doing the same. Suresh suggested her to talk to Shiv and wait to meet him. Sia says that she wants to stay away from love but still doing the same.

She says that because of Ayi, she pushed Shiv and Suresh says to her that sometimes, it is good to move away from a person. He is with her so, she doesn’t need to worry. Sia hugs him and says that she doesn’t want to talk to Ayi and Suresh says ok and let her go.

On the other side, Paras calls to Hemant and says that he like Mania but on the other side, there is Mitali. Hemant asks him to stay careful as what he wants to do. Paras says to him that he doesn’t love Mitali and doesn’t want to spoil her life anymore. On the other side, Nima says that because of her, Sia’s heart has broken and Mania says that they think that she was strict for Sia but didn’t force her to lie to shiv.

Nima says that she couldn’t understand the pain of her daughter and Sarla asks her not to blame herself. Suresh comes there with Sia and Nima asks to apologize to her. Sia goes inside her room and Suresh asks Nima to leave her alone for a while. Nima says she can’t see her daughter in pain and Suresh says he is with her and Nima hugs him and gets teary. The Episode Ends.


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