One of the popular and growing serials of ColorsTV, Nima Denzongpa has become one of the best serials among the watchers and maybe, the fans love to watch every single episode of the serial. There are lots of reasons that why should we watch this serial as there is lots of twists and turns and a girl who married a Hindu-religions boy and facing the taunts and reaction of the society who doesn’t accept her.

Nima Denzongpa 16th November 2021

She has managed everything and now, the story is going further for all the watchers. Every single episode comes with some well-written story and now, the fans want to know that what will happen in the upcoming episode.

Now, the latest episode starts when Paras wakes up and Suman asks him that is he feeling well? She says that he is a hero and nothing will happen. Ganesh asks Paras that why did he leave people and what was happened yesterday? Paras says that they want to go early so, I gave them leave.

Ganesh says that I talked to Suresh and he said that Paras asked him to go early so, Ganesh says that who is lying to us? Suresh says that he asked him to leave alone and I left him alone. We are not lying and Paras says that Yes, I need to sign documents.

Sarla asks Nima to think about this and she continuously asks her daughter to concentrate on their career and Nima says that I asked them to get independent. She says that My Siya is in pain and Sarla says that will you get married of Siya and Shiv? Nima says that if Shiv loves her so, he will wait for her. She just want enough that he will have to wait until they both get succeed in their career. Nima calls Shiv but he is getting ready in the attires of Groom.

He picks up the call and says to him that can they meet? Shiv says that he is in Pune right now and we can meet tomorrow? Nima says ok and cuts the call. Later, Varun talks to his friends and says that no one knows that I am missing the college. He is fooling everyone.

Sunita asks him that where is your mother? Tulika reaches there and Sunita asks that where did he go? Tulika give him the property papers. She says that I created as she says like 70% is hers and 30% is mine. Sunita says that she agreed easily.

On the other side, Nari receives a call from her sir and says to him that she can’t come. She cuts the call and Nima asks what happened? Nari says to her that there is an Inter-College Mathematics Competition.

It is a big competition and her sir wants that she need to participate in this competition but she can’t because it is in Bangalore and everyone will have to leave in just an hour so, she can’t go. Nima asks her to go by saying that it’s a big chance for her so, she should go. Nari hugs her and packs her bag. The Episode Ends.


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