LNH or French StarLeague is one of the most popular handball leagues in the world that is known for introducing some back-to-back amazing matches. Here are lots of matches taking place and now, another match is all set to show their talents. The next match of the league will be taken place in just a few hours.

nim vs pau

According to the sources, the next match will take place between team Usam Nimes Gard (NIM) and team PAUC Aix (PAU). Many fans are excited to watch this match tonight because of their gameplay in the last few days.

After analyzing the point table, there are 16 teams in the league who are competing with each other to reach the final match and win the trophy of the league but this is not going to be easy. The competition is tough and maybe, fans will have to choose the better players to create their own team.

The league will be seen with lots of amazing players. Alexandre Demaille, Joze Baznik, Boiba Sissoko, and Hugo are going to be better players of the league tonight from team NIM. Well, you can choose them in your own team. Here are some more details of the match.

NIM vs PAU: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Usam Nimes Gard (NIM) vs PAUC Aix (PAU)
  • League:- LNH or French StarLeague
  • Date:- Sunday, February 20, 2022
  • Venue:- The Parnassus – Nimes
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

NIM vs PAU: Team Squad

Usam Nimes Gard (NIM):- Remi Desbonnet, Louis Gouaze, Paul Keller, Teodor Paul, Jean-Jacques Acqueville, Quentin Dupuy, Clement Esparon, Benjamin Gallege, Damien Gibernon, Michael Guigou, Ahmed Hesham Elsayed Moham, Mohamed Hisham Sanad, Henrik Jakobsen, Bapitiste Joblon, Quentin Minel, O’Brian Nyateu, Tom Poyet, Quentin Pugliese, Samuel Queiros, Julien Rebichon, Mathieu Salou, Remi Salou, Romain Tesio, Dorian Timpeira, Lub Tobie, Evan Tolleron, Gueric Vincent, Kosuke Yasuhira, Yann Balmossiere, Yohan Grau, Franck Maurice, Lucas Moreno, and Marc Teissonniere.

PAUC Aix (PAU):- Alejandro Romero, Wesley Pardin, Matthieu Ong, Hugo Cabanes, Gabriel Loesch, Inaki Pecina, Theo Clarac, Marko Racic, Romain Lagarde, William Acccambray, Kart Konan, Ian Tarrafeta, Nicolas Claire, Kristjan Orn Kristjansson, and Micke Brasseleur.

NIM vs PAU: Lineups Players

Usam Nimes Gard (NIM):- Louis Gouaze, Quentin Dupuy, Ahmed Hesham Elsayed Moham, Clement Esparon, and Paul Keller.

PAUC Aix (PAU):- Alejandro Romero, Hugo Cabanes, Gabriel Loesch, Marko Racic, Romain Lagarde, and Nicolas Claire.

NIM vs PAU: Match Prediction

Team NIM is standing on the 8th spot with 7 victories and 6 lost out of 16 total matches. Along with this, team PAU is standing on the 3rd spot with 12 victories and 3 lost out of 16 matches. According to the last performances in the matches, team PAU has more chances to win this match against the rival team as their gameplay is amazing rather than NIM.


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