Debunked: Is Nikhil Nani Dead or Alive? Actor Death Hoax Explored: Nowadays, rumors are circulating on the internet claiming that an Indian actor named Nikhil Nani passed away. Nikhil Nani is best known as a Bengali actor who has worked in ample movies in Bengali Cinema. As per the source, the news of Nikhil Nani’s demise surfaced on the internet on Thursday, June 23rd, 2022. It is being reported that the actor might have passed away due to cardiac arrest but there is no official statement of his cause of death. Meanwhile, we have mentioned some important and imperative points related to Nikhil Nani’s death cause. We have no doubt that the Bengali actor Nikhil Nani earned respect and reputation by working on numerous films and television shows. You are requested to scroll down the page and have a look below. Follow More Updates On


Is Nikhil Nani Dead or Alive?

Nikhil Nani’s name often perplexes people with Telugu cinema actor Nani. As their names match and sound the same people often got confused and relate news of one actor to another actor. Nani is a Telugu cinema superstar and both actors have garnered a huge fan following base across India that is the reason people got perplexed when someone utters the name of Nani. Here we are talking about Bengali actor Nikhil Nani who also received accolades like the Karnataka Nataka Academy accolade back in 1979.

Nikhil Nani Death Rumors Explored

As per the source, the actual cause of death of late Bengali actor Nikhil Nani is yet to be revealed but we have listened to some rumors that are claiming the actor might have died due to cardiac arrest. Nikhil Nani started his career as a theatre actor later he worked as a movie actor. While working in the regional industry he also taught acting to various juveniles and junior actors. Nevertheless, he also founded some organizations such as Bangalore Cinema Academy, Bhartiya Natya Sangha, and Suchitra Film Society.

Nikhil Nani was born in 1929 in Tumkur on Novemer 3rd, 1929. Moreover, he was also curious to learn about artworks and Nikhil Nani stepped on the stage for the first time in 1949. Most of his followers and admirers say he used to put on a crisp shirt and he loved to iron his shirt by himself. Prior to becoming an actor he also worked as a marketing agent. That’s all for now about Nikhil Nani. We will share further details about Nikhil Nani as soon as possible.


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