Nowadays, shoes are in the trend we can find many varieties in shoe people do like to wear a different kind of shoes. In the market, we will find different brands and varieties of shoes for all shoe lovers Nike has brought the new article on shoes “Nike GO FlyEase”. They look outstanding and completely comfortable to wear. If you want to know more then stay on the same page to get more information about the new and stylish Nike Shoes. We will help you to buy them by telling you all the good qualities of these shoes. So, let’s move forward to know every detail about the

The shoe is very genuine and ready to give a new experience to all the people who want to buy it. Five years ago the FlyEase sneakers line, the brand has made it physically easier to get into shoes. But the shoe needs one hand to tight or zip it properly. Now, the company brought a  new shoe in which people no need to use their hands and the shoe is a completely hands-free shoe. Using a ringing hinge in the middle of the shoe, Nike GO FlyEase can transition from open or “ready” -position to closed or “set” -position by walking or stepping down.

The project’s design lead, Sarah Reinertsen said that “We kept wanting to create something new and different”. Let us tell you that she is the first woment to finish the Ironman World Championship on a prothestic leg and also she is a world record holder for the ironman triathlon. She further said “If we could create something you didn’t need hands to get in and out of, it could help unlock those benefits for all”. The shoe is looking pretty awesome in the promo video and many people are waiting for it.

The shoe made like buyer can easily fit their leg on it and easily take out their leg from it. Sarah further say about the Nike GO FlyEase shoe “It doesn’t split the entire shoe in half, it only is activated upon entry and exit of the shoe”. After knowing her statements, the shoe looking very amazing and brilliant to use. So, if you want to buy it then the shoe getting its release on 15th February 2021 and it priced $120. We are also waiting to use it once and want to buy it. So, stick with us to get more details about the current topics and interesting deals.


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