The story of two brothers who helped an organisation girl is getting the next level of story. It is reaching the most entertaining moments of this animation series. Definitely, it going to break its all the previous records. From the starting of this animation story, the focus is on these two brothers who wanted to know about the war in 2041. So, the suspense breakpoint is almost here when you get some significant sign about the ongoing thrill.

Night Head 2041 Episode 4

Night Head 2041 Episode 4: Release Date

In the previous parts, we saw Takuma and Yuya wonder Naoya and Naoto are still alive. The recent episode’s title is ”Complication, Trigger-Awakening.” The soldier got sent on a mission with Takuma and Yuya. These episodes made excitement among users for the upcoming episodes.

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In the last episode of the story, Naoto told Naoya that there is no one looking at them. But suddenly mother calls them and told both about soda. The extreme level of thrill starts when these brothers got separated from Shouko. They have decided to visit the place.

When both boys reached their home, they get shocked to see the condition of the house. House is strongly destroyed and there were police tapes on the floor. It seems like there was a raid by the police force to search for something. Definitely, the huge twists waiting for all of us.

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Night Head 2041 Episode 4: Preview & Spoilers

The most-watched part of the series was Oracle of God where every viewer was excited to see the twist. In the situation, students witnessed her body hanging by the window and realize that it is that girl from Class B. But the group of boys revealed the mystery that Yoji killed himself in the morning. After listening to the truth everyone was shocked. But unfortunately, there is no such reason has been found behind the death of the student’s group.

Many of you definitely want to know the release date. So to explore the thrill here is the release date of the upcoming episode. On the basis of details given by the production house, Night Head upcoming episode will be streaming on 5th August 2021 at 01:00 AM


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