Nigeria Church Attack Live Updates: The recent media reports show that at least 50 people were killed including women and children when several Gunmen attacked a Catholic Church in Nigeria’s Ondo state on Sunday, many people were also injured. The news of the attack has also been confirmed officially as the Governor of the state has also clarified it. The Catholic Church in the state of Ondo at a place called Owo, and was the target of the terrorists that entered the Church, causing a lot of chaos. The attack is reported to have happened this Sunday, June 5, 2022.

Nigeria Church Attack Updates Gunmen Killed At least 50 Christians In Ondo's Church Detonate Explosives

From the reports that we have received from the agency, it was stated that the terrorist gunmen had planned to detonate an explosive near the altar at the Church. Then they started firing at the people who were worshipping there. Many were killed on the spot as soon as they started shooting. Nigeria Church Attack Live Updates.

Terrorists Attack Worshipers In Owo

The officials have stated that there are expected to be more casualties as they haven’t yet confirmed all of them. Those who are appointed as the security operatives rushed to the scene when they heard the sound of gunfire. They planned to rescue all the worshippers as soon as they could.

The people that were injured were taken immediately to the nearest government-run hospital in Owo town. Ondo state governor, Arakunrin Akeredolu confirmed the attack in a statement, later that day.

The governor stated that he was very saddened to hear the news of the attack and there were many innocent people killed who were a part of the town of Owo and were just praying at the St. Francis Catholic Church.

The governor also urged the local citizen of the Owo town to remain calm and vigilant as these are going to be tough times and they will have to stand together to get up and face the issue at hand.

The attack was also condemned by President Muhammadu Buhari calling it a “dastardly act”.

As of recently, there have not been any claims of taking responsibility for the attack and the purpose of the attack is not yet clear. The police and other relevant authorities have started investigating the attack and we will get more revelations as the investigation progresses.

These are going to be tough times for those who have lost their loved ones. We hope that everyone stands in solidarity with them. The citizens should also stay together and help each other to get through this.

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