Nicole Caluag SEVENTEEN Ticket: Since Saturday 16th July 2022 the TikTok content creator named Nicole Caluag is trending on Twitter. But why? What she did do? As per the latest report, the famous TikTok content creator got trolled by Twitter users when she distanced herself from answering their questions related to her ticket for the popular concert of a K-Pop group SEVENTEEN. Yes, this matter is directly linked to the upcoming concert of the Korean group SEVENTEEN. Follow More Updates On

Nicole Caluag SEVENTEEN Ticket

Nicole Caluag SEVENTEEN Ticket

Fans asked various questions to Nicole Caluag related to her ticket for the concert but she did not answer them and maintained a distance from those questions. This is the reason Nicole Caluag’s name is trending on Twitter for the last couple of hours. However, this matter was started with a TikTok video of Nicole Caluag. What was in the video and how this controversy is linked with the SEVENTEEN concert’s ticket of Nicole Caluag? There are ample queries that have to be answered in the following sections of this column. Scroll down the screen and take a peek below.

As per the source, Nicole Caluag posted a TikTok video a few days earlier in which she revealed that her sister named Adrielle already has a pass for the concert. That video arrested people’s attention and this matter came in limelight. Later the TikToker Nicole Caluag also revealed that she also has got a pass for the concert. After knowing this netizens started questioning her “how did she manage to get the pass for the concert?” But she decided to keep her lips tight on this matter.

This is the reason Nicole Caluag is being trolled by Twitter users. According to the source, netizens and her fans did not like this as there might be any person who does not want to attend the concert of Korena pop group SEVENTEEN and it is very hard to gain a ticket to the concert.

But Tiktok content creator Nicole Caluag created buzz by sharing that her sister Adrielle has a pass for that particular concert and she had not. And later she also got a pass for that particular concert. This made her followers curious and led them to ask her questions on social media. But it seems that she does not want to reveal how she got a pass for SEVENTEEN’s concert. Stay tuned to this page for more details.


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