Singer and popular personality of music industry Nick Cannon getting roasted on the internet after the news of his 4th baby in six months after 3rd baby. His wife Alyssa Scott shared the picture on her social media account and captioned it “Find a new hobby”. Alyssa Scott is 34 years old and pregnant for four weeks. She shared a special message to Nick Cannon on father’s day 2021. She shared a picture in which Nick was shirtless and holding Scott’s baby bump. This will be the seventh child of cannon and fourth in the last six months.

Nick Cannon roasted for 4th baby

If we talk about social media and internet trolls. So Nick gets trolled by his followers due to the Seven babies and it is unexpected by everyone. She revealed her pregnancy a few days ago via sharing a picture. Later in the last year, 2020 in Dec his other wife Bell had given birth and Cannon’s daughter named powerful queen,  her ex-husband whose name is Mariah Carey is also a father of the 10 years old twin along with the singer. After revealing the pregnancy news, it created a buzz on the internet.

Now Nick Cannon is just 40 years old and having seven babies at this age. Possibly it is not common for everyone and never expected by anyone. To get more details stay with us and enjoy the articles here.

On this troll, Nick reacted but later he posted a post to apologize for his hurtful and divisive anti-scientific comment. But his fan replied its too late bro.

It is not the first time when a celebrity gets troll over the internet by a fan. Many times many celebrities suffered this trolling. So, probably it is not so huge thing now. Although it is definite that whenever there is any incident happened like this our netizen never stops and come on the internet to get the opportunity to troll their popular celebrity.

There are many celebrities who shared their views over this news and some are shocked to know about this news. Famous Candice Coppola shared her tweet “we need nick cannon to come to Barbados and repopulate the island”.


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