Nicholas Arnold Schock: Who Is He? Racist Video Goes Viral The Internet: A shocking incident happened in Florida in a family restaurant as a man named Nicholas Schock entered a family hospital and when he was stopped by the waitress he punched her twice and she fall on the floor after he was stopped by the man who was presented there until the police came. The whole incident is now getting viral as the video of this incident is captured on the CCTV camera and the video is shared on various social media platforms. This news is now in the headlines and people want to know the whole news so have a look below. Follow More Updates On

Nicholas Arnold Schock

Who Is Nicholas Arnold Schock?

He was born in Wauchula in Florida, he had also lived n many countries. He calls himself a white supremacist and his weight is 300 pounds with 5’10 height he has some religious tattoos on his body and he has some weird faces with a weird personality. He completed his graduation from Evangel University. On 4th May 2005, he was accused of domestic battery but later it was denied and he was also convicted of drug possession and many and now he again did a crime in which he have to suffer a lot.

What Schock Did With Kisha In Florida?

On 3rd August this incident happened when he entered a family restaurant in Florida he had a racist tattoo on his body and his lower buttons were not tucked and he called himself a white supremacist. He then go inside Pop’s Sunset Grill and tried to enter the water slide park which is for families there he also showed some sexual symbols to the other women when the waitress Kisha tried to stop him he slapped her and punched her. Seven other men came on the spot and stooped him and one of the guys choked him until the police came.

Charges & Allegations On Schock?

He was arrested and taken to the Sarasota County Jail as he also has a back record of doing crimes so he has to be in jail for many years. As his bail amount is increased to $620 bonds and his trial date will come after some days and he will be charged with resisting arrest, aggravated assault, sexual abuse, and many things. As there is proof he punched the women he will be charged with more allegations. Stay tuned with us for more latest updates & information on Business, Technology, and many more.


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