Finally, the new invention completed by the company named Nexzu. The company recently launched the new Roadlark electric cycle which created a new sensation among social media. Also, the company confirmed that the brand new cycle will be running up to 100Km in a single charge. The cycle will be designed, engineered, and manufactured by Nexzu and also very light-weighted with a steel frame. The cycle also features a dual battery system that keeps the Roadlark always charged and working. The first battery is an 8.7Ah lightweight removable battery and the secondary battery will be 5.2Ah in-frame and can be charged on the domestic socket.

Nexzu Roadlark Electric Cycle

If we talk about the time that the battery consumes to be fully charged is three to four hours. The new cycle will be run up to 100Km on pedelec mode and if we talk about pure throttle mode then the cycle will be running up to 75KM. The speed of the cycle will be 25Kmph which is much better because some other features of the cycle totally astonish the entire users. Some other features in the cycle are dual ventilated disc brakes and front suspension. Apart from this, the Roadlark also comes with full fenders, multiple reflectors and for the comfortability of the user a long seat.

Also, the cycle will not come with a gear system because it may be a restriction in the smooth-riding. The company offering a very genuine piece that all the users want to get something interesting and fantastic. Nexzu Roadlark will be offering a very affordable price of Rs. 42,000. Everyone knows that it is a very reasonable price that normally every user can afford to buy the cycle. Now, if any user wants to buy the new model of the cycle then they directly purchase it from the official website of Nexzu and from the dealership of Nexzu. All the people will be very easily buying the new model by visiting the official website.

The entire users who want to support their cities pollution free can use the e-cycle. The company Nexzu also gearing up by launching a new e-cycle for all the users. Nexzu Roadlark Electric Cycle will be going to launch for all the people across the country. The new model will be coming with many genuine specifications and features. So, if you want to know more information related to the technology and automobiles. We will update our page for all the users who seeking for updates.


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