New SM Rookies 2022 Philippines: 3 New Trainees added: The news is coming from the renowned entertainment company in Korea, known as SM Entertainment. Recently, they announced the new trio where they have started training three rookies. They had made this announcement on their Twitter Page on the 2nd of July at midnight. In the post, they mentioned that they have taken in three new trainees and are trying to build a team around them. This post was shared on the account of SM Rookies which has stayed dormant for more than 3 years. Follow More Updates On

New SM Rookies 2022 Philippines

New SM Rookies 2022 Philippines

The name of the trio that has been taken in for training is Eunseok, Seunghan, and Shohei. Their pictures were also shared by the company.

Let’s talk a little about the company SM Entertainment.

SM Entertainment Co. Ltd. is a famous multinational entertainment company in South Korea. It is also one of the biggest entertainment companies in all of South Korea and is well known for its business.

The establishment of the company was done by record executive and record producer, Lee Soo-man, in 1995. Ever since then the company has been working to develop and promote the career of many K-pop stars and that has led to a huge fanbase all over the world.

The work operation of the company includes record labeling, finding talent, producing music, managing events and concerts, and publishing music.

The label has been seen as representative of many K-pop artists such as TVXQ, Super Junior Girls’ generation, Red Velvet, NCT, J-min, and many more. They also publish Avex Trax for many Japanese artists in Japan.

Lee Soo-man graduated from the California State University, Northridge in the US and then came back to Korea in 1989. It was in the same year that he established the SM Studio in Gangnam, Seoul, and signed their first-ever contract with the singer Hyun Jin-young. The next year of the establishment of the studio, they developed an in-house system that was made while keeping in mind the aspects of the career of an artist.

In the year 2005, Kim Young-min became the 3rd CEO of the company. There were many artists that came under him in the hopes of debuting in a grand way and then being promoted outside of South Korea

The recent news of hiring three rookies for training has made rise to the hopes of many fans and they are expecting many great things from the upcoming artists that are going to make a brand name under the name of the company.


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