The popular series is now close to its end and maybe, we don’t need to tell that about which series we are talking. The fans of “Nevertheless” are eagerly waiting to watch the 10th episode after the last episode was released on August 9, 2021, and the episode had the title of “I Know It’s Over”. Where the fans seem that the episode will finish our two main leads Han So-hee and Song Kang were trying their best to win the heart of Nabi.

Nevertheless Episode 10 Final Episode Release Date

While, Jae Eon was trying to confess his love to Nabi and even, he told her that she was feeling something special when he is around her. But it seems that something was changed in the story and Nabi thinks that feelings of Jae are fake and he is not serious about her.

Nevertheless Episode 10 Final Episode: Spoilers

Now, the fans are eagerly waiting to watch the 10th episode and you need to know that it will be the last episode of the series. Many fans have been waiting to watch this last episode since the 9th episode was released on Netflix. The time has come for all the fans of Nevertheless as it is going to be the final season as well.

The series always bring their fans close to the screen in the night of Saturday across the world. Now, countless questions have been surrounding in the fan’s head and the main question is that Will Nabi and Jae-Eon will come together including what will happen with Do-Hyeok and SolJiwan becomes a reality? Many more questions are surfing on the Internet that connects to the story of the last episode.

Now, the fans are waiting to know the final episode of the series and it seems that Nabi and Joe-Eon are going away from each other as they before and maybe, it will hurt all the fans who were expecting something else in the series as they will meet at the end of the series. After meeting with Joe-Eon, Nabi has been having some nightmares of Joe-Eon and all these nightmares come because of Jeo-Eon.

Well, it is going to little upsetting because whenever she is with Jae-Eon, she is best for him and in her work. Now, the excitement for the next episode is too interesting, and if you want to watch the story, here is the release date of the final episode.

Nevertheless Episode 10 Final Episode: Release Date

The makers have already announced the release date of the final episode so, it will be released on Saturday, August 21st, 2021 at 9 PM PDT. Along with this, the last episode will be available for all the audience as per the scheduled timing. it is important to share with everyone that the time of the episode can be extended if the final season has a longer duration than the last episodes and if it happens, we will definitely update you through our page. You can watch the last episode on Netflix.


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