National Testing Agency has released NEET 2020 result on October 16, 2020. All the students wait for their results and yesterday all the candidates get their results. All the candidates can see their result on the official website of NTA NEET on Lots of candidates participate in the examination every year. Yesterday, the NTA announce the result of NEET 2020 with the merit list of NEET 2020 toppers. Here, we give you all the names of the top 10 students who contain higher marks in the NEET entrance examination 2020.


This year, the first rank holder is two candidates named as Akansha Singh and Shoyeb Aftab. Both the candidates get 720 marks out of 720 marks in the medical entrance examination. The unique record was made by both the candidates by containing full marks in the medical entrance examination. Shoyeb Aftab from Odisha and Akansha Singh from Delhi made their state proud after becoming topper all over the country.

Also, Akansha is the only female topper across the country. The complete list of the topper is given below.

  1. Shoyeb Aftab = 720 Marks
  2. Akansha Singh = 720 Marks
  3. Tummala Snikitha = 715 Marks
  4. Vineet Sharma = 715 Marks
  5. Amrisha Khaitan = 715 Marks
  6. Guthi Chaitanya Sindhu = 715 Marks
  7. Satwik Godara = 711 Marks
  8. Srijan R = 710 Marks
  9. Karthik Reddy = 710 Marks
  10. Matravadia Maanit = 710 Marks

All the candidates who become the top 10 rankers are here mentioned with their marks. Everyone gets marks for their own capability and hard work. As you see, many students get the same marks but their position is different. Yes, the difference in ranking is decided by tiebreaker policy.

The preference is given by in tiebreaker policy is to given marks in Biology followed by marks in Chemistry. If the tie cannot be broken after that then the student who is older than the other is getting a higher rank. Like Shoyeb contains 1st rank because he was older than Akansha by few months. All the students get the ranking by this policy who gets the same marks with other students. You can very easily see your result by logging in the official website of NTA NEET 2020. For more details keep in touch with us. We will give you all the information related to the topic at the time.


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