There are lots of amazing teams playing some fantastic matches in this league and now, they are ready for another match. Lots of leagues of different sports such as football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, and another league are currently running but the hype of the popular women’s hockey league, FIH Women’s Pro League is all set to introduce one more match tonight.


It will be interesting to watch these matches because every match comes with some latest skills of the players. Well tonight, team Netherlands Women (NED-W) and team Belgium-Women (BEL-W) will face off each other on the ground. Many fans are ready to watch this upcoming match because of their amazing gameplay.

NED-W vs BEL-W Live Score

Most of the players are ready to watch this match as the league has come with some amazing performances. It will be interesting to watch this match on the screen and those who are interesting to watch this match on the ground, can book their tickets for the match and can visit the ground.

Finally, there are lots of amazing teams in the league. There are 9 teams in the league and only 3 teams just played a single match. Team Belgium has played 3 matches and is now, going to play their 4th one. On the other side, the team Netherlands played just a single match.

NED-W vs BEL-W: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Netherlands Women (NED-W) vs Belgium-Women (BEL-W)
  • League:- FIH Women’s Pro League 2021-22
  • Venue:- Wagener Hockey Stadium, Amstelveen
  • Date:- Wednesday, November 10, 2021
  • Time:- 11:00 PM IST

NED-W vs BEL-W: Team Squad

Netherlands Women (NED-W):- Burg Joosje, Danique Visser, Julia Remmerswaal, Hester van der Veld, Maartje Kreklaar, Anna de-Geus, Gabrielle Mosch, Lisa Post, Margot Van-Hecking, Lisa Lejeune, Yibbi Jansen, Ilse Kappelle, Marente Barendse, Stella van Gils, Sanne Caarls, Kiki Gunneman, Margot van Geffen, Pleun Van-Der-Plas, Laura Nunnink, Tessa Clasener, Eva de Goede, Marloes Keetels, Sabine Plonissen, Sanne Koolen, Pien Sanders, Fiona Morgenstern, Renee van Laarhoven, Freeke Moes, Kyra Fortuin, Alexandra Heerbaart, and Lidewij Welten.

Belgium-Women (BEL-W):- Charlotte Englebert, Louise Versavel, Shaunda Ikegwuonu, Alix Gerniers, Agathe Willems, Lucie Breyne, Vanessa Blockmans, Anne-Sophie Roels, Aisling DHooghe, Emma Puvrez, Ambre Ballenghien, Judith Vandermeiren, Barbara Nelen, Abi Raye, Anne-Sophie Weyns, Helene Brasseur, Lien Hillewaert, Stephanie Vanden Borre, Pauline Ryck, Elodie Picard, France De Mot, Alexia T Serstevens, Elena Sotgiu, Tiphaine Duquesne, Michelle Struijk, Pauline Leclef, Justine Rasir, Sophie Limauge, Delphine Marien, and Juliette Duquesne.

NED-W vs BEL-W: XI Lineups Players

Netherlands Women (NED-W):- Marloes Keetels, Freeke Moes, Pleun Van-Der-Plas, Kyra Fortuin, Margot van Geffen, Laura Nunnink, Eva de Goede, Kiki Gunneman, Pien Sanders, Margot Van-Hecking, and Gabrielle Mosch.

Belgium-Women (BEL-W):- Elena Sotgiu, Stephanie Vanden Borre, Pauline Ryck, Pauline Leclef, Charlotte Englebert, Emma Puvrez, Ambre Ballenghien, Judith Vandermeiren, Tiphaine Duquesne, Barbara Nelen, and Michelle Struijk.

NED-W vs BEL-W: Match Prediction

Both teams are ready to play another match of the league. It is going to be more amazing and it will be interesting to watch these teams on the ground. We have been watching several match of both teams and it seems that team BEL-W has more chances to win this match because of their last performances.


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