Nazar 17th September 2019 Episode Updates: Piya Is Bhasmika

In Nazar 17th September 2019 episode updates we will see Pia will keep the children with her.

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Nazar is the supernatural show of Star Plus and we see a lot is happening in the TV show. Ansh goes to the room and sees that Mona is in the house and she was covered with green lights. Avinash says that we have to get her out of the house. Pari sees Mona and smiles. He says children are in the house and we should take her to the bandap. Ansh’s mother says that we should not leave children alone here and I will stop here to protect them. Pari calls Ansh and Ansh asks what happened baby. Pari says that you will not get another good chance to call Mumma home.

In Nazar 17th September 2019 episode updates, children are making plans to bring the mother to the house. Pia asks how are you and how is Aadi. She says we are missing you a lot Mumma. Then they make some plan. Pia was making something right in her home and suddenly she sees Ansh there flying around. Ansh says that I wanted to ask something. Pia asks what happened. Ansh says that we are going to bandaph and we cannot leave children here alone so can you be with them. We will keep you updated with Nazar Updates

Pari thinks whether Daddy has convinced her or not. Ansh thinks that what Pari has asked him to do. Ansh asks her to go to the house as children are sleeping. Pia sees children are downstairs and asks why he is lying. Pia says I know you are trying to convince me to come with him. Naman goes on honeymoon with her wife and she becomes so excited. In Nazar Today Episode, everyone is trying to kill the last piece of Bhasmika.


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