In the wake of listening to appeals by many state governments and health experts who recommended expanding the lock down significantly further than 21 days as the coronavirus danger is as yet posing a potential threat. On Tuesday, a government source said, “A lot of state governments, as well as experts, are requesting the Centre to extend the lockdown. The central government is thinking in this direction,” After a video conference with State CMs the vast majority of whom need the lockdown, so the Prime Minister could be considering a two-week extension.

The current speculation is that an extension of about two weeks until April-end is under consideration. “It’s an evolving situation. The government wishes to just wait and hold on (to the lockdown). Most big states like UP, MP, Maharashtra, Telangana and Rajasthan want this as cases have been on the rise over the last week. Nearly 300 districts have confirmed at least one positive case until now. The PM, in consultation with the CMs, will take a final decision in the next few days,” a senior government official told ET on the condition of anonymity.

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The factors appear that this might possibly come in action, the most important factor is that different states are experiencing an unexpected spike in the quantity of cases and if the lockdown is lifted with the social distancing rules not appropriately followed, it can worsen the situation. Also, major urban economic centres crucial for a revival, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad, are the ones most exceedingly awful influenced by the coronavirus pandemic. These hotspots would at present stay under a lockdown regardless of whether partial relief is given to other areas, as informed by an official.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing intense pressure from many state chief ministers and his health ministers to extend the lockdown beyond the date of 14th April. And, by the time decision time comes in action, Covid-19 cases will be topping 10,000 in India, and may keep on multiplying in the week after that.

It is to be noted that, even the situation of India in the pandemic is quite in control as compared to other countries. The nation is experiencing a surge in cases day by day. Currently the nation has 7876 cases and 6831 active cases so far with 253 casualties along. So, whatever decision comes into force, we are sure that it is for the betterment of India.


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