After much speculation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 14 has declared the nation lockdown for 14 more days till May 3 and said that if we find that certain areas which do not come under hotspots, showing stability. Then the government shall commence some relaxations in those areas after April 20. But of course with some conditions as well. He asked people to follow the guidelines provided by the government and if we find that there is a chance of virus spread, these liabilities can be taken again.

PM Modi said that in the coming time, the Centre will closely monitor hotspots in states across India and added that those areas where there are no hotspots will get partial relief. “Till April 20, all districts, localities, states will be closely monitored, as to how strictly they are implementing norms. States, where hotspots are contained, could be allowed to resume some important activities, but with certain conditions,” the PM said.

Also, the PM emphasized that the decision of this lockdown has turned out little in our favour otherwise this pandemic would have taken a disastrous spread out the country. He further said that India was in a better position than that of other countries when we got alerted. He said, “India was in much better shape than many major countries in the fight against coronavirus. If the country had not taken a holistic, integrated approach and had not acted fast, then it is frightening to think what it would have been like today.”

narendra modi lockdown

PM Modi also shared the seven-point mantra that will help us to tackle the virus soon, which included people should follow social distancing, taking care of the elder ones and the poor, stop expelling people from their jobs and help them with their needs and preventing attacks on doctors and other frontline COVID-19 workers. Pressing the requirement for a strict lockdown to ensure that COVID-19 did not spread into the other new area, the PM said, citizens had supported and faced every difficulty to ensure that India would win the fight against the virus.

It is to be noted that India has reached 11,635 COVID-19 cases and there have been 399 deaths, with 1366 people recovered, according to the latest Health Ministry data. So, following the guidelines provided and stay safe!


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