Here is a video capturing the attention of Internet users around the world. The video has been watched by millions of people around the world where a tighter attacked a man who entered the unauthorized area and his arm and attacked by a tiger. The video footage shows the man’s arm in Tiger’s jaws. According to the sources, the incident took place at the Naples Zoo where a Tiger bit a man on Wednesday night. A Collier County Sheriff’s deputy who responded over the call reached the zoo shot and killed the tiger at the zoo.

Naople Zoo Tiger Shot Dead

The name of the Tiger was Eko has been dead after attacking a man. The source says that the man was a cleaning worker who stuck in the paw of Tiger. The officer confirmed that the man was with a third-party cleaning service contracted by the zoo. He was attacked while feeding the tiger in the zoo. While the deputies say that both of these aren’t authorized by the zoo. Along with this, the Bodycam footage of the whole incident was released by CCSO on Thursday afternoon. Later, the officials of Naples Zoo spoke on Thursday morning about the incident.

Naople Zoo Tiger Shot Dead

The information reveals that the 8-years-old Tiger grabbed the arm of the man and pulled into the enclosure after the man was passing his arm through a fence barrier. The sheriff’s office said that first they tried to release the man’s arm after kicking the enclosure but the deputy was forced to shoot the tiger at the moment.

The man has been identified as River Rosenquist, who is 26-years-old. He was taken to the Lee Memorial Hospital with serious injuries. After the shot on his back, Eko did retreat into the back. Deputies tried to find out the Eko by using a drone into the enclosure after the incident but he was found unresponsive. CCSO said that the investigation will continue and the charges will be filed against the River Rosenquist.

Eko became a part of the Naples Zoo in December 2019. The Naples Zoo was closed on Thursday, December 30, and reopened on Friday. The Naples Zoo shared a statement and expressed their condolence over Eko death. The video was watched by millions of people around the world and they also expressed their feelings for the Eko, the Tiger. Rosenquist yells,” I am gonna die, I am gonna die, I am gonna die, shoot, shoot shoot!” when the officers reached the spot.


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