Nani Ka Okashii Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date and Time Confirmed: There is a series that has been getting a lot popular in Japan. It is known as Nani Ka Okashii. This is a really popular show that is reaching a huge audience in Japan. It is believed by the fans that the show has left them thrilled and has been great so far. This is the reason why there has been a lot of hype for the latest episode of Nani Ka Okashii which is the 5th episode of the series. The series so far has caught a lot of attention and the fans believe that the 5th episode is going to be even better and reveal some of the mysteries that were surrounding some of the characters. Follow For More Updates

Nani Ka Okashii Season 1 Episode 5

Nani Ka Okashii Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

This is why we have brought you the updates on the show as we discuss its release date, give a brief about the show, and share some important and relevant details on the show. If you are hyped about the show and want to know when and where it is going to air then stay tuned.

Nani Ka Okashii Season 1 Episode 5 Release Time

It has become a very popular show in Japan and has aired 4 episodes so far. The 5th will be airing shortly. The release date for the 5th episode is going to be 29 June 2022. This means that there are 12 days left for the show to air.

Its 1st episode aired on June 1, 2022, and has been hyped in all the four episodes that aired. The horror-filled episodes are nothing short of a great thriller and horror. The scares that will be seen in the coming episode are said to be too scary as the preview had suggested. This show has some of the best horror scenes that you can have in a horror drama.

And we all know that Japan is already known for its great horror movies and series that had taken the world by storm. The Japanese industry is known for its horror and there can not be anything better than a Japanese horror.

Nani Ka Okashii Overview

  • Name of the show – Nani Ka Okashii
  • Genre – Horror, Drama
  • No. of episodes – 4
  • 5th episode release date – 29 June 2022

The series Nani Ka Okashii has been on the trend in Japan. But, there are people who still don’t know where the show airs. So, we will share with you the places to watch the show.

Where to watch Nani Ka Okashii Season 1 Episode 5?

The show is exclusive to the audience of Japan, for now. You can watch the show on the OTT platforms that are limited to Japan only. If you reside somewhere else in the world, then you will have to use VPN to watch the show airing in Japan.

Stay tuned for more updates on the show.


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