The daily soap serial on Colors Tv named “Namak Issq ka” is going to be exciting day by day. The TRP of the show is increasing high and high every week. The chemistry between the leads of the serial is liked by the people. The current track is going very interesting. Yug is trying to stop the wedding of Rony and Kahani. Yug threatens Kahani to refuse the wedding. Also, Rupa got to know that Rony is cheated on him. Rupa broke down into tears. Rony is planning to go to Thailand with Kahani.

Namak Issk Ka
Namak Issk Ka

In the last episode, you have seen that Iravati says to Kahani, get out of the house. Gunjan scolds Kahani for ruin her wedding function. Rupa Calms down her. Iravati calls the police and asks them to Arrest Kahani. Yug stops them and says Kahani carries a packet of sugar, that day, which she always carries. Police say, but you have to come with us to the Police station for some paperwork and leaves. Rupa asked Kahani that what is happening between you and Rony. I know he is helping you to get a job. Then what about these air tickets. Kahani says that she can’t tell her.

Also, Yug deals with Rony that he has to forget Kahani and back to go his Bhabi maa, which starts a new beginning. But Rony says inside that he will break the deal and get married to Kahani. Rony says if you go against the deal, he will again send back Kahani to jail.  Rupa calls Rony to meet her in the Storeroom. Kahani also comes there. Rupa questions Rony that What is the truth of the relationship between you and Kahani. Rony tells her the truth that he loves Kahani and wants to get married to her. Rupa gets shocked to hear that. Rupa says you are joking. Right? He says that I am serious. I want to go away from you and all your family members. Rupa leaves.

In today’s episode, you will see Yug reaches Kahani’s house and threatens her. And tell her about the deal. He says that he gives freedom when deals with her but if she does something wrong against him. He will punish her so badly. Later, Rony sees the Mangalsutra. Overall, the episode is going to be very interesting. So don’t forget to watch “Namak Issk Ka” on colors tv at 9:00 pm.


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