The episode begins with Kahani as she was that Yug is already looking concerned. Kahani asks him to come outside. Gunjan questions that why would he come with her. She says that Iravati is going to answer all the questions. Raunak questions why she is not saying anything. She says Iravati will answer as per her desire. She moves from there with Yug. Gunjan says that how they will find Yug. Dadi says if anyone tells her something.

Namak Ishq Ka

Kahani asks Yug to tell everything. Ravikanth wonders if Kahani knows the truth of Iravati. Kahani tells everyone that now Iravati has been harmful to the whole family. Yug says to her how can she says something like this in this generation. The priest comes there with the broken pieces of glass and says that Yug was caught in this glass. He asks to recall. Kahani says that he accused him of killing her but he didn’t know anything as he was in Iravati’s control and doing all these things at the behest of her.

She says she never wants that Yug would involve in all these but when she sees that Iravati has become harmful to the family. Yug decides to talk to Iravati and call her. She thinks maybe Kahani has told everything. She came and asks how he became disappear suddenly and how Kahani got injured. Yug says to everyone that she has got powers and used them to catch him in the glass. Yug says Kahani is the one who saved her. Iravati says to Saroj that how will discuss that he wants to become a scientist.

Later, it is revealed that Yug is married to Yug and Gunjan gets shocked to hear him and questions him that how could he marry Kahani. Yug says to her that he loves Kahani and can’t live without her. He apologises to Gunjan. Saroj says that once Saroj asked him to leave the house and today he is leaving the house with Kahani forever. Rupa says that how can he leave the house. He says to her to take care of herself and everyone as well. He asks them to believe him whatever he told them.


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