We are back with one of the amazing and popular shows, which is telecast on colors change, within a short time this new serial has got an amazing response from the audience. Namak Ishk Ka, many of the people are looking for more written updates related to the latest episode, recently it has been launched by the colors TV. On Indian television, it is competing with other shows. So let’s move forward to know what is happing in the current show. A woman shoves a car off a cliff and the car blasts.

Namak Ishq Ka 8th December 2020 Today Episode Written Update Timings Channel Colors

After 15 years, a car comes in front of the temple. A woman who is blindfolded, she comes out of the car, her sister also comes along with her, she says do not open your blindfold until you are married, they go inside the temple and priest of the temple says elder sister also got married in the same temple and now younger too.

Her blindfolded sister picks up a pot on her head, she goes ahead.  Then she says at least hold my hand, but she denies and says, it is between God and you, she moves forward but all of sudden we see a snake on her way, which is coming to her but the priest stops everyone because it is not the matter of anyone, only God can come between on her way. But a boy sees this ans he runs to her and saves her, her elder sister thanks him. The priest says their pair is so good, like a match made in heaven.

In the next scene we see saying Priest, that why Guruji not come today. Her daughter has to dance, the Yug says I will do this, then a person says you can not choose an unsuitable person for the parts. lucky cough, a person says it was just a spice, and gives him water, don’t worry, he says I have never killed a kid by poison just because of suffocation I killed, later we will play hide and seek, I will hide in the closet and if you tell anyone then you will have to die.

In the next scene, Thakur says it is celebration time, and we should be happy. Does he say where is the cake? he forces the ring in her finger and all the people claps. Chamcham’s finger starts bleeding, later he says cut the cake, his man dancer around the kids. Now we will see the upcoming twist in the upcoming episode, that what is going to happen ahead,  let’s wait for more info on the same page. You can watch this show only on colors TV.



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