The daily soap serial on Colors Tv named Namak Ishq Ka is going to very interesting day by day. The TRP of the serial is increasing every week. The main leads of the serial are to rule the hearts of many people. In the current track, Police arrest the Kahani for drug smuggling at the airport. After that, Kahani reaches Yug’s house and Police say that they are here to arrest Yug for drug smuggling. Saroj asks them if they have any proof. The police tell them that they have witnessed.

Namak Ishq ka 15th January 2021 Today's Latest Update Episode: Police Arrest Kahani

As you see in the previous episode, Rony and Kahani reached the airport and tells Kahnai that they are going abroad. Kahani asks him that she didn’t have a passport. Rony says to her that she arranged everything. Kahani asks him, what about her siblings? Rony says he already arrange their passport and seats in the same flight. Kahani asks him why are we going from here? Rony says that his brother Yug will not spare him. He will destroy our lives. We have to go away from here. So that, he couldn’t find us.

The serial brings new twists and turns every day. Yug and Kahani’s chemistry is getting lots of love and popularity from the people. Yug is trying to destroy Kahani’s life as he thinks that she is trying to broke her sister-in-law’s family. Between Yug and Kahani, we have always seen hatred. Yug always misunderstood Kahani and thinks she comes into his life to destroy everything. Now, Yug has seen his brother’s real face. But not tell His Sister-in-law that Rony is cheated on her. Rony is going to marry Gunjan. But he doesn’t love her. He is marrying her for his family.

In the latest promo, you will see that Yug will put the wrong allegation on Kahani and police will arrest her from the airport. Kahani will try so hard to defend herself. But Police don’t listen to her. Later, Kahani arrives at Yug’s house with cops. Kahani also put the same allegation on Yug. This is going to be very interesting to watch, will Yug be an arrest? if he gets arrested, then what will be the next move of Yug. Don’t forget to watch Namak Ishq ka on Colors Mon-Fri at 9:00 pm. Stay tuned with us for further updates.


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