The trendy serial Namak Ishq Ka going to get massive attention in upcoming days because of the information. The story of this serial set to take a huge turn which leads to utmost curiosity and drama in the episode and entertains you beyond your expectations. As we know this upcoming episode also telecast on its regular timing tonight. Now it’s time to discover the written update of this upcoming episode of tonight. the episode starts with Banno and Cham Cham. In this episode when Banno going to dance but suddenly Cham Cham snatches the address and tell her that she needs urgent money and wants to go for it. Cham Cham suddenly remembers Thakur’s threat who sent a video to her in which her kids are showed and he tells that he will ship both kids if his condition not fulfilled.

Namak Ishq Ka

Cham Cham suddenly gets faint and fall down due to weakness from donating blood. Banno frees herself and tells Cham Cham that it would be possible that a good person may not help each other but today one dancer will help another. After that, she gives an address to Cham Cham and asks her to save her siblings. Later, Cham Cham goes to Haveli to save the children from the kidnappers. She is ready to dance in the place where the kidnappers escaped with children.

After she visits the place then Yug interacts with her but Cham Cham covers her face by Dupatta to hide from Yug. But, immediately all the lights of the room are turned on and Yug asks her who is she. She replies she is the dancer who calls for dance. Later, Cham Cham gets ready for the dance performance. Yug’s brother tells another Shayari “Khake Pizza bhar gaya pet,Jo kal tak tha jeeja aaj ban gaya Jeth”.

When the performance of Cham Cham starts on the famous song Bidi Jala Le then all the members in the place attract towards her dance. But, in the between, Cham Cham fall in the floor then Yug holds her arms and throws water on her face. Yug asks her what she is doing here and then Cham Cham asks him that my dance is over now give me payment then I will leave. So, the upcoming episode of Namak Ishq Ka will be very interesting and entertaining in which lots of drama and awesome moments held to give a perfect of fun to the viewers. For further updates stay tuned with us and get all the updates on time.


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