In the latest episode of Naggin season 3, 27 October 2018 Vikrant plans big to separate Mahir and Bela. The today’s latest written episode begins with Bela thinking about the song what the Maa was sung? She thinks I could not remember what she signed. Mahir told to Sumitra that when Bela does not want then why he shall be in the relation.

To hers, this Vikrant is feeling happy. Sumitra tolds to him that she saw them happy together and saw that they both were made for each other. Mahir asks her t not to convince him and said there is no point in the relation in which there is no love or confession. To saw this Sumitra feels so sad and she hugs to him.

After this Andy comes. Mahir tolds to him that he was decided to take the divorce from the Bela. He also said that this is mine house is mine and said that you can not leave her. Yuvi cannot marry with her. One brother cannot divorce her and another one cannot marry her in my house. He said that if you gave divorce to her then she will go to her father’s house.

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To listen to this he was angry. Mahir sees that Yuvi listening to him and assures that Bela will marry with him when he gave divorce. Mahir said that I did not saw myself on the life of Bela. Boltu comes there and he tells to Mahir that he wants to talk to him. Mahir gave the reply that it is not now.

Boltu says that it is important and tolds that his friend Sonal heard that a woman telling that this is the first step of separating with Mahir and Bela when Anu was murdered. To listen this everyone is in a shocked way.


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