As we know money is one of the important things in the world and it is the need of people, so here we have brought one of the shortest ways for you all, which is a lottery if you want to earn money without working and hard work, and then you have reached the right article, So let’s move forward and know more about Nagaland Lottery.

Nagaland State Lottery 23.10.2020 Result Live Today Dear Tender 11:55 AM, 8 PM, Night, Evening, Morning

We are going to tell you about a lottery that will make you the owner of millions of money in a day. Many of you may have been thinking that if you are getting so much money in 1 day then that thing will be illegal because how can you earn so much money in one day but let us tell you that this lottery is legal and This lottery is organized by the government itself. Let us tell you that the Nagaland State Lottery is organized by the government every day for its citizens. We also want to tell you that three lotteries are conducted in 1 day and you can participate in these three lotteries and participate and be declared winners.

The timing of these three lotteries is different and the result of all three lotteries is also published at different times. Through this article, we will show you the list of lottery prizes that can double your enthusiasm, after publishing the results of the Nagaland Evening Lottery, the candidate will be awarded various prizes to be declared the winner.

  • First Winner Prize: Rs. 26.05 Lakh
  • Consolation Prize: Rs. 1,000 / –
  • Second Winner Prize: Rs. 9,000 / –
  • Third Winner Prize: Rs. 500 / –
  • Fourth Winner Prize: Rs. 250 / –
  • Fifth Winner Prize: Rs. 120 / –

Let us tell you that the result of today’s lottery will be announced soon, but let us tell you that you take special care of your lottery ticket, even if accidentally there is any damage to your lottery ticket, you will lose your lottery prize.

The result of the lottery will be announced on its official website. Let us tell you that if you have not yet bought a lottery ticket, buy it soon because this ticket can make you rich in one night. Stay tuned with us for other information related to the lottery or its results.


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