To all the competitors of the Nagaland Sambad Evening Lottery, we hope you are doing fine. Also if you are new in this lottery world, we wish, you don’t lose hope and patience and keep trying to win maximum amounts. All you have to do is buy a lottery ticket and leave it to your destiny. If your luck supports, you could achieve lakhs of money in a very short span of time that too without doing any physical or mental work. It’s the easiest way to earn money and it’s pretty safe as the government itself organizes these gambling games.

Nagaland Sambad Evening Result

Nagaland state government is set to declare the Dear Hawk’s evening results. You could match your lottery number to the lucky number government has announced. The results get declared at 8:00 PM in the evening and the main results get published at 8:30 PM. Aspirants just need to match their lottery number and they can get rich in no time. No one knows when their luck will take a wild turn and change someone’s life from poverty to wealthiness. It’s literally a game that can transform one’s status completely.

The state government organizes seven evening lottery games that are Dear Flamingo which has been conducted on Monday, Dear Parrot which is held on Tuesday, and Dear Eagle evening lottery takes place on Wednesday. The lottery games have three lucky draws which are announced on the same day. The winning amount is 26 Lakhs which means that the people could win 26 lakhs of amount thrice a day with just an investment of some rupee.

Talking about lotteries conducted in a week, it’s around 21. The winning amount doesn’t vary and remains the same for every lottery game. Seven- seven lotteries are organized in a single day in different parts of the day i.e; morning, afternoon, and evening. Every single lottery game has some name allotted to it. Have a look at the Nagaland Sambad evening results below:

Sambad 8 PM Result
  • First Winning Prize: Rs 26.05 Lakhs
  • Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-
  • Second Prize: Rs 9,000/-
  • Third Prize: Rs 500/-
  • Fourth Prize: Rs 250/-
  • Fifth Prize: Rs 120/-

We hope you won big amounts today or at least you got some money. If not then again there’s nothing to worry about as not every day is the same. You can still try tomorrow and win lakhs of rupees. As we all are well aware, nothing comes without taking a risk so go for it and purchase your lottery ticket now as you never know it could change your life upside down. Results get out every day at 8 PM and to check the result, keep refreshing our page as sometimes it gets crashed. Stay tuned in this space for more information.


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