Nagaland Lottery Dear Flamingo Evening Results: The people who are having lottery tickets for this golden opportunity are ready to try their luck to become rich instantly. The results for this lottery which is considered as one of the biggest cash flow of Nagaland will be out at 8 PM. Many people buy Nagaland Lottery tickets daily in win the exciting cash prize it offers.

24th December 2018 is a very special day for those people are eagerly waiting for the Dear Flamingo Evening Lottery Results. The results will be announced by the government of Nagaland at 8 PM and it will be updated here at Up To Brain as soon as it comes out. You can check the complete result from 8:30 PM.

Live: Nagaland Lottery Dear Flamingo Evening Results, 24th December 2018

You can match the serial number of your lottery ticket to the following lottery results. Check out the list of Nagaland Lottery Dear Flamingo Evening Results Today with the winning prize amount below:

First Prize: Rs 26 Lakh


Consolation Prize: Rs 9,500/-


Second Prize: Rs 9,000/-


Third Prize: Rs 500/-


Fourth Prize: Rs 250/-


Fifth Prize: Rs 120/-

Note: The today’s Nagaland Lottery Results will be updated at 8 PM and you can check the complete result from 8:30 PM. Please refresh this website to see the updated result.


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